Rounding of the week purposeful and strong

We cooked 84 Meals today and reached 18 families with food packs containing packed cooked food and essentials. The packs include tinned essentials, fruit, bread, milk, tea, sugar, snacks, drinks and more Thank you 🙏🏽 And to our volunteers and the wider team silently behind the scenes doing good things, delivering and answering the calls for help and so much more We are thankful To all the businesses and individuals who have powered this mission this far, you have demonstrated the power of collective work and support. We have not had a single donation from any major stores or shop,… Read More »Rounding of the week purposeful and strong

Staying safe and keeping our volunteers safe

We have made two batches of sanitiser so far and each time it does involve a bit of science and a bit of experimenting this time round, we wanted to make the sanitiser thicker, with more emollient properties using a humeficant and also wanted it to smell nicer Well, the smell nicer bit was all about simple pleasures really. All our volunteers have practically developed chafed hands and dry faces because of constant washing and applying sanitiser repetitively (we don’t have much choice because we handle raw food, cook and deliver food and food products to people who don’t need… Read More »Staying safe and keeping our volunteers safe

Thank you Bury Park

Our team visited Bury park again today and we were given a tremendous amount of support by traders in the vicinity to enable us continue to do what we do. Mr Laali and Mr Singh at Sandersons piled a trolley high with an assortment of foods, tins and moreWe got other essentials fromMr Shelim from Qurbani halal meat all the meat and chicken we usedKashmir storesMr Akhid at Medina storesKushiara mass bazaar Go Team COVID action forceGo Bury Park You rock 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Thank you for the love Luton

Thank you Mr Chips

On Thursday 26th March, we received a donation from 2020 Good Chippy Good Food Award winner, Mr Chips of Seymour Road, in Luton. The Luton based business donated two sacks of 25kg premium potatoes and a large box of cod fish. The fish toward 55 meals for families in need and the potatoes have been included in food packs and used in hot cooked meals for the vulnerable, needy and elderly.

Thank you Bury Park – Food donations drive

Thank you Bury Park We went to Bury Park today to ask business owners for their help In the last three days we have cooked 79 packed meals and it has gone to families all across Luton delivered by volunteers and with all foods also donated by Volunteers Volunteers have given nappies, milk, bread, tins, meat, mince, chicken, pasta rice and more Overnight as we went into lock down it became clear that we need more help as requests for help poured in twice as much • Thank you to • Haji food • Euro Halal • Haji & Sons… Read More »Thank you Bury Park – Food donations drive

Essential COVID-19 Training for Volunteers

As we navigate the peaks and troughs of the current pandemic, we are determined to continue to reach out to and send out hot cooked food packs and food parcels to those in our community who are struggling to make ends meet, vulnerable, elderly and or frail and immunosupressed or immunocompromised. As volunteers, we all need to ensure we remain safe and secure in all that we do. In view of this we recommend the following training course created by the World Health Organisation. ePROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN) course is provided by the WHO It will teach you basic knowledge… Read More »Essential COVID-19 Training for Volunteers