How did we come about?

Our existence came about in the wake of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak which spiraled into a global pandemic.

In this time, we noticed that members of our community were going without, struggling and isolated and unable to access or afford basic things such as cooked hot meals, fruit, vegetables, milk, bread, dry foods and tinned foods including toiletries, baby food and nappies.

Following a social media appeal, several of us residents coopted to donate items we already had in our cupboards and freezers, sought donations from business owners in Luton and began to ask community members to let us know if they needed help.

Within one week, we served over 100 hot meals and delivered close to 40 food and essential items to families across Luton. We were able to do so using donations of food items from individuals and businesses in and around Luton. Fresh perishable food items are cooked by volunteers, tinned and semi perishables such as fruit and vegetables, dry goods including rice, pasta, noodles and flour and toiletries and baby products such as nappies, baby food, wipes, toilet roll, shampoo, toothpaste, bars of soap and bottles of sanitiser were packed and delivered by residents who volunteered their resources and time.

Practically all our volunteers are workers and some are frontline staff who give their time after their shift. Some are parents and others are grandparents. What we share is a common vision to give help where help is requested, prioritising our elders, parents of young children, those who are isolated or living in isolation and those who have underlying medical conditions that limit their ability to access and prepare cooked meals, healthy food and produce.

All we ask of all those we help is that they pay it forward and give back when they can so we can continue to help.