Our mission

What we set up to achieve

  1. Provide support to people living in the Luton, Bedfordshire area including near neighbours Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable
  2. To provide aid and assistance by promoting health, welfare and education of the community members living in the Luton, Bedfordshire area.
  3. Supply cooked and uncooked food and essential items to give relief and help those who are disadvantaged, elderly, vulnerable, sick and or who are unable or constrained in accessing hot cooked food and food products for no compensation
  4. To provide amenities such as making deliveries of donated cooked food, food products and essential item
  5. To provide shopping services (at a fee where relevant such as shopping to order) ** Please note this service is suspended in the current pandemic. Instead we provide donated food items to meet needs.
  6. To heighten public awareness about the plight of those who are at risk of malnutrition, poverty, illnesses and medical disabilities
  7. To promote education of the public on malnutrition, poverty and vulnerability through education seminars and written of visual material
  8. To provide cooking on a budget training sessions to people living in the Luton, Bedfordshire area
  9. To collect donations of foods and household goods, raise funds, receive grants, gifts and bequests and provide cooking services and to administer these to further the purposes of the group
  10. To conduct all other activities that will support the group to reach its core goals.