Help Others

Volunteer or Donate

You can volunteer your time and or donate goods and foods by registering with us.

We don’t operate a lot of frills, we have a small social connection group where we all interact when needed to ensure we can get help to those who need help.

If you have a few tins or a lot of tins, some vegetables or some steak, a can of tuna or a box of snapper, you can be sure whatever you give will be put to good use and sent to those who need it the most and if you can give your time to help drive and deliver, we also welcome help and assistance, without you Lutonians donating and collecting and delivering, we would have nothing.

To donate items or volunteer your time please complete our Helpers form


In view of the coronavirus pandemic, we ask that all volunteers take some time out to visit the WHO open learning website where you can take a 30 minute course entitled eProtect Respiratory infections.

We only operate doorstep drops and we provide all our volunteers with

  • hand sanitiser at 60-70% ethanol content to sanitise their hands before and after deliveries
  • single use barrier gloves – nitrile or vinyl to reduce the risk of contact with contaminants, fluids and or secretions that conform to EN374-2
  • due to acute shortages and based on WHO guidance we do not recommend the use of face masks unless volunteers are concerned that they may be unwell.
  • Where available we supply fluid resistant face masks that meet the N95/P2/P3 standard with a particle filtration efficiency [PFE] of >95% at 0.3 micron. These may be used by volunteers if they are making deliveries to households that have declared isolation due to symptoms of COVID-19 on triage.