February highlights

We have been able to reach those who need support this evening with food parcels and cooked packed meals. Sonce the start of Lockdown our cook has provided almost 33,000 cooked packed meals using donations and we have delivered over 15,000 food parcels. We continue to offer support to those who find themselves without during this difficult time as we approach the 1 year mark since the first official UK lockdown. Our cooked meals are prioritised for those less than able to cook such as the disabled and elderly and only available in an emergency. As school holidays loom, we… Read More »February highlights

New years eve

30 hot meals 22 food parcels

Post Christmas food help

All in a weeks work50 Dinners for our beneficiaries post xmas

Christmas 2020

Busy day today Thankful and grateful 80 festive meals delivered with a smile for those spending Christmas alone or without We servedRoast TurkeyRoast chicken as a halal optionSpudsBrussel sproutsTurnips, Parsnips, brocolli, cauliflower and carrotsMacaroni cheeseCauliflower cheeseFruit cakeBlack forest gateauHome made Mince piesChocolate cakeAssortment of sweets and drinks powered by Tesco Bags of Help, distribution bags also supplied by Tesco Skimpot lane

Making pies and pudding in our kitchen

Did you stockpile food ? If your bread and fruit goes past it’s sell by dateMake bread puddingSlice your bread and cut into smaller pieces Mix milk with eggs, sugar and nuts or coconut flourLayer the bread and imbetween layers add any of the chopped fruit (apple, banana, peach, nectarines ) etc and add some sultsnas or raisins or any dried coconut flakes Douse with the eggs and milk whisked together with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg Bake gas mark 5 Serve with custard Or cream

How we’re doing after Lockdown Ease 3

It’s been a little while since we stopped to update everyone and that’s mainly because we have all been adjusting to increased work and home duties and increased demand for our services. We remain thankful to all the local businesses that have supported us through this critical time. We are also grateful that all of our team have consistently supported our overall goals going out in all weather and attimes unsociable hours to get food help to those who need it the most. Go Team Action Force!! We have some unique circumstances in Luton, with the highest job losses across… Read More »How we’re doing after Lockdown Ease 3