Making pies and pudding in our kitchen

Did you stockpile food ? If your bread and fruit goes past it’s sell by dateMake bread puddingSlice your bread and cut into smaller pieces Mix milk with eggs, sugar and nuts or coconut flourLayer the bread and imbetween layers add any of the chopped fruit (apple, banana, peach, nectarines ) etc and add some sultsnas or raisins or any dried coconut flakes Douse with the eggs and milk whisked together with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg Bake gas mark 5 Serve with custard Or cream

How we’re doing after Lockdown Ease 3

It’s been a little while since we stopped to update everyone and that’s mainly because we have all been adjusting to increased work and home duties and increased demand for our services. We remain thankful to all the local businesses that have supported us through this critical time. We are also grateful that all of our team have consistently supported our overall goals going out in all weather and attimes unsociable hours to get food help to those who need it the most. Go Team Action Force!! We have some unique circumstances in Luton, with the highest job losses across… Read More »How we’re doing after Lockdown Ease 3

Our week in view

Rounding off the week with serendipity, we were pledged a supply of fresh poultry by one of Luton’s largest halal Poultry wholesalers (our benefactor does not want to be named and is content with being blessed enough to be able to give back). Thank you to our angel and of course we took our first delivery early this week. Earlier in the week we began with 45 packed meals and 34 food packs and midweek we distributed 135 cooked packed meals and 21 dry food parcels and by the end of today we had delivered a further 92 food treat… Read More »Our week in view

Our month in view – April to May 2020

So what have we been up to since 10th of April? … well lockdown is still on and we are still providing food. We had a lot of paperwork to catch up on and our daily cooking was stepped down to 3-4 days a week. We still provide cooked meals and foodpacks each day and our output averages at 75 cooked meals a day. To date since inception we have delivered 2330 food packs and cooked 4895 meals. This would not be possible without donations from businesses all over Luton and our awesome volunteers who just keep going. We have… Read More »Our month in view – April to May 2020

Thank you to Haji and Sons Foods Bury Park

Thank you to Haji and Sons foods in Bury park, this is the third time the Luton based business will support us with donations of foodstuff and goods and they also gave us a discount on items we needed. Haji Foods is located at 197-199 Dunstable Rd, Luton, LU1 1BT. They provide seasonings, spices and dry foods, vegetables and snacks and have a colocated butcher where beef, mutton and chicken is available at affordable prices

Welcome to our foodboxes

Launched on 1 May, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our emergency food boxes. The food boxes are provided by our independent food support network based in Cambridgeshire Each week surplus foods from supermarkets and farms are boxed in individual boxes. Depending on availability each box contains 10 ambient items (pasta,rice,canned goods) and 5 fruit and vegetable items weighing approx 5kg. The contents are unpredictable as you can imagine and vary each week. The treat boxes are not means-tested. However our goal is to enable vulnerable people to join the scheme. You can sign up for one here… Read More »Welcome to our foodboxes