February highlights

We have been able to reach those who need support this evening with food parcels and cooked packed meals.

Sonce the start of Lockdown our cook has provided almost 33,000 cooked packed meals using donations and we have delivered over 15,000 food parcels.

We continue to offer support to those who find themselves without during this difficult time as we approach the 1 year mark since the first official UK lockdown.

Our cooked meals are prioritised for those less than able to cook such as the disabled and elderly and only available in an emergency.

As school holidays loom, we remind everyone that Food parcels are open to everyone who is not able to access state funded food banks.

You can request an emergency food parcel via our website. You will need to register online.

Use discount code LUTONHELP2020 to request

We are of course not a replacement for budgeting and shopping and for those who need regular food parcels we offer a weekly subscription for a token sum.

Our food parcels usually contain a mix of dry foods and we do our best to supply enough to cover an emergency period.

We do operate a policy of no child going hungry and noone going to sleep on an empty stomach and will continue to do so as long as we can.

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