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How To Get Food Help From Action Force Community Group

Please follow the steps below to get help for yourself or someone else

Click the Request Help Button

Request Help

or go to our Registration page

If you require an emergency food parcel, please select the option for EMERGENCY FOOD PARCEL . Apply the CODE – LUTONHELP2020 at the start in the discount code box. This is for one parcel one time only. Unless you switch to a plan, the account will close after 21 days.

If you require a food parcel every week, you will need to sign up to a food help plan. We ask that you contribute to the cost of delivering this.

Some plans are for elders/sick/disabled people only, please read each plan description before you sign up

To sign up to a plan, You will need your bank card. If you do not have a bank card, please contact us to set up a direct debit. Direct debits will come straight out of your bank monthly depending on the plan you sign up to.

Essential tips

Provide all the required information on the forms when you sign up

Please provide a number that is functioning

Ensure you provide the right flat or house number

Please remember to check your emails and add contact (at) to your preferred list.

Please be prepared to step outside your block of flats or house to collect your parcel unless you are disabled or elderly, we do not go into blocks of flats or homes.

FOOD BANK Important Notice

  • From 1st September we can only help you if you register as a member with us and when you register we can only provide food help packages once a month. We know this is disappointing, but our emergency help services are not meant to replace shopping for your own food or be your main food supply.
  • We will not stop sending weekly food parcels to seniors AND we WILL NOT charge seniors and those who are disabled or very vulnerable for weekly food bank supplies.

Still need Weekly Help?

  • We want to give you the best support we can, and If you still need help weekly, we offer 15 dry food items and we will include 2 fruit and vegetable items (if available) at a cost of £5 a week delivered to you between Thursday and Monday. This fee will pay a little toward our running costs. We hope you agree that this is fair.  
  • You will still get a food pack free but will need to arrange to make a £15 payment monthly for the other 3 weeks by direct debit IF YOU WANT WEEKLY FOOD DROPS from 1st September.
  • We will start accepting registration from the 10th of August on our website. You can cancel or skip weeks you subscribe but you will need to tell us 2 weeks in advance.
  • If you can manage with help once a month, you do not need to do anything. We will let you know which week we will come to you.