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The food boxes we provide are subscription based and provided by our food aid network national partners.
The boxes serve as ’emergency larders’ and are filled with 10 ambient items (pasta, rice, canned goods) and 5 fruit and vegetable items ** If Available . The boxes weigh about 5kg and measure about 30 x 9.5 x 23cm. It is not means tested but does require subscription and your agreement to store the food safely and not to resell items.

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    Food boxes contain a few essentials and treats and will be sent to you every week. Food boxes are free. PLEASE NOTE OUR FREE FOODBOXES END ON 1 SEPTEMBER. Find out more on our foodbox page.
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    By completing this form you agree for a coordinator / volunteer for Action Force Community Group to contact you. **We may also call you or send SMS messages to your phone to check your availability. **We have a limited amount of boxes and depending on when you subscribe, you may be placed on a queue* YesNo

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    Important notice

    We want to inform you that sadly, from 1st September, 2021 we will stop providing FREE food boxes. This is because the boxes were a response to the pandemic and lockdown. Now this is easing, it is expected that you will now be able to get to shops and get food supplies.

    Until 1 September we aim to deliver boxes between Thursday and Monday of each week. Please be fair to volunteer drivers. Tell us if you are not home Thursday to Monday, so we try to come on a day when you are home. We cannot offer timed slots as deliveries depend on volunteer availability.

    Please let us know by Monday of the week before if you want to unsubscribe from boxes (at least 1 clear week’s notice) so food does not go to waste.

    If any items come to you in the box that you do not eat for allergy or religious (kosher/halal) reasons, please let us know and we will do our best to substitute items, you can either return when we next come or give them away (all boxes are packed the same)

    Our food parcels and boxes are delivered by residents who volunteer unpaid for their fuel and time. As a result we request that you act considerately toward our staff and service.

    Please do no abuse, harass or threaten our staff

    If you move home, please send an email, reregister, or send us an SMS. Please do not wait till we come to deliver to find out.

    If you want to cancel or skip, please tell us between Monday and Wednesday, please don’t tell us when we arrive with your food box or food parcel.

    In the meantime, until 1 September when food boxes stop, if you need more help on top of the food boxes, please let us know things are rough, we will send you more help, but we can only do that once in any week.