Our week in view

Rounding off the week with serendipity, we were pledged a supply of fresh poultry by one of Luton’s largest halal Poultry wholesalers (our benefactor does not want to be named and is content with being blessed enough to be able to give back). Thank you to our angel and of course we took our first delivery early this week.

Earlier in the week we began with 45 packed meals and 34 food packs and midweek we distributed 135 cooked packed meals and 21 dry food parcels and by the end of today we had delivered a further 92 food treat boxes supplemented with dry foods from our bank .

We have today cooked 165 meals and delivered food parcels to 13 homes.

To register for a food box or ask for food help or refer someone in Luton Bedfordshire please use our web request page https://actionforce.org.uk/request-help/

We remain thankful to everyone that has supported us so far.
To donate toward our long term and short term needs please give via our Go Fund Me https://www.gofundme.com/f/action-force-community-group-fundraiser
Or direct to our bank

Bank: HSBC

Account Name: Action Force Community Group

Sort Code: 403032

Account Number: 52747340

Or via our website https://actionforce.org.uk/donate-to-help-families-in-need/