Thank you Bury Park – Food donations drive

Thank you Bury Park

We went to Bury Park today to ask business owners for their help

In the last three days we have cooked 79 packed meals and it has gone to families all across Luton delivered by volunteers and with all foods also donated by Volunteers

Volunteers have given nappies, milk, bread, tins, meat, mince, chicken, pasta rice and more

Overnight as we went into lock down it became clear that we need more help as requests for help poured in twice as much

Thank you to

• Haji food

• Euro Halal

• Haji & Sons cash and carry

• Kushiara Mass Bazaar

• Madina foods

• Qurbani Halal located inside Sandersons

• Mr Mohammed Ali (street grocer opposite the Old Grill house)

Also other traders in Luton

Khan Halal in Marsh road They donated tins, bread, fresh veg, fruit, dry foods, fresh chicken, and other groceries and spices

And our Volunteers, residents in luton who have given nappies, oil, baby food, tins and more

Go Bury Park

Go Action Force Luton

Thank you Luton

Your love is immeasurable

If you Need help or To donate items

Please fill this quick form Or use our donations page Or give to our Fundraiser or contact us